Institute: ONC | Component: 2 | Unit: 6 | Lecture: c | Slide: 15
Institute:Office of National Coordinator (ONC) Workforce Training Curriculum
Component:The Culture of Health Care
Unit:Nursing Care Processes
Lecture:Nursing routines and procedures including performing invasive procedures, administering medication, documenting procedures, and using technology
Slide content:Preventing Administration Errors To reduce medication administration errors: Standardize medication labeling Pre-measure standard doses of medication Provide drug safety training to nurses Provide dose calculation worksheets to nurses Use barcodes on medication Use technology to track and report timing of medications 15
Slide notes:Fortunately, researchers have found ways to decrease the medication administration errors that nurses face. Hospitals can standardize medication labeling and pre-measure standard doses of medication. They can provide training in drug safety for nurses. Some hospitals provide worksheets to help nurses calculate the correct doses of medication. To prevent interruptions, other hospitals have used signs or given nurses special vests to wear when they are administering medication. Technological solutions include using bar-coding technology on medication and using a computer program to report when medications are given late. 15