Institute: ONC | Component: 2 | Unit: 4 | Lecture: b | Slide: 17
Institute:Office of National Coordinator (ONC) Workforce Training Curriculum
Component:The Culture of Health Care
Unit:Health Care Processes and Decision Making
Lecture:Gathering data and analyzing findings Making a diagnosis The impact of EHRs and technology on clinical decision-making
Slide content:Health Care Processes and Decision Making References Lecture b References Croskerry, P. (2013) From Mindless to Mindful Practice Cognitive Bias and Clinical Decision Making. New England Journal of Medicine 368:2445-2448 June 27. Elstein , A. S., & Schwartz, A. (2002) Clinical problem solving and diagnostic decision making: Selective review of the cognitive literature. BMJ 324 (7339):729732. Retrieved from Evans, D. A., & Gadd, C. S. (1989). Managing coherence and context in medical problem-solving discourse. In Evans DA, Patel V. L. (Eds.), Cognitive science in medicine: Biomedical modeling . Cambridge, MA: MIT Press; 211255. Kannampallil , T. G., Jones, L. K., Patel, V. L., Buchman, T. G., & Franklin, A. (2014). Comparing the information seeking strategies of residents, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in critical care settings. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 21 (2): e-249e256. Retrieved from Trotter, W. ( n.d. ) Quotation. Disease often tells its secrets in a casual parenthesis. 17
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