Institute: ONC | Component: 2 | Unit: 2 | Lecture: c | Slide: 7
Institute:Office of National Coordinator (ONC) Workforce Training Curriculum
Component:The Culture of Health Care
Unit:Health Professionals The People in Health Care
Lecture:Physician assistants, Pharmacists, Therapists, Technicians, Paramedics, Dental Professionals, Mental Health Professionals, Care Coordinators Non-clinical IT/Informatics Roles for Clinicians Effects of Changing Care Models on Clinicians
Slide content:Pharmacy Certification Six specialty practice areas recognized by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties: Ambulatory care pharmacy Nuclear pharmacy Nutrition support pharmacy Oncology pharmacy Pharmacotherapy Psychiatric pharmacy 7
Slide notes:The Board of Pharmacy Specialties also recognizes voluntary certification in six specialty practice areas: ambulatory care pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy, nutrition support pharmacy, oncology [ ong - kol -uh- jee ] pharmacy, pharmacotherapy [ fahr - muh - koh - ther -uh-pee], and psychiatric pharmacy. 7