Institute: ONC | Component: 1 | Unit: 8 | Lecture: a | Slide: 4
Institute:Office of National Coordinator (ONC) Workforce Training Curriculum
Component:Introduction to Health Care and Public Health in the U.S.
Unit:Public Health - Part 2
Lecture:Public Health and Communicable Disease
Slide content:Communicable Disease (CD) Communicable: those diseases that result from organisms such as bacteria, protozoans, fungi, and viruses To control infectious diseases: Clean water and better sanitation Antimicrobial therapy 4
Slide notes:This lecture will cover public health and communicable diseases. Communicable diseases can also be termed infectious or transmittable diseases. They are caused by organisms such as bacteria, protozoans, fungi, or viruses entering the body. The control of infectious diseases can mostly be traced to two advances. First, better sanitation and clean water, which have brought many diseases, even typhoid and cholera, under control. Second, antimicrobial therapy the arsenal of medical treatments against infectious diseases has expanded greatly through the discovery of agents such as penicillin. 4