Institute: ONC | Component: 1 | Unit: 5 | Lecture: d | Slide: 27
Institute:Office of National Coordinator (ONC) Workforce Training Curriculum
Component:Introduction to Health Care and Public Health in the U.S.
Unit:Financing Health Care - Part 2
Lecture:Methods of Controlling Rising Medical Costs
Slide content:Financing Health Care, Part 2 References 2 Lecture d References Jackson, G. L., Powers, B. J., Chatterjee, R., & Prvu Bettger , J. ( n.d. ). The Patient-Centered Medical Home: A Systematic Review. Annals of Internal Medicine. doi : 10.7326/0003-4819-158-3-201302050-00579 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Source for health issue research and health policy. Available at: . Last accessed: Mach 30, 2016. The Peterson Center on Healthcare and the Kaiser Family Foundation. Menlo Park, CA (2016) Health costs. Available from: . Provides background information, links to key data and policy information on US healthcare costs. Last accessed January 24, 2017 . 27
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