Institute: ONC | Component: 1 | Unit: 4 | Lecture: a | Slide: 18
Institute:Office of National Coordinator (ONC) Workforce Training Curriculum
Component:Introduction to Health Care and Public Health in the U.S.
Unit:Financing Health Care - Part 1
Lecture:The history of the health insurance industry in the U.S.
Slide content:ACA Expansion of Health Insurance Coverage 2 Small business tax credits Requirement for larger (>50) employers to offer health insurance coverage Close Medicare donut hole Individual mandate for health insurance 18
Slide notes:The ACA also expands health insurance by providing subsidies for small businesses and by requiring larger companies with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance. It also closes the so-called Medicare donut hole, resulting in reduced prescription prices for seniors. In order to bring everyone into the health insurance pool, the ACA has an individual mandate that requires all who are eligible to either acquire health insurance or pay a fine. Health IT Workforce Curriculum Version 4.0 18