Institute: ONC | Component: 1 | Unit: 3 | Lecture: d | Slide: 8
Institute:Office of National Coordinator (ONC) Workforce Training Curriculum
Component:Introduction to Health Care and Public Health in the U.S.
Unit:Delivering Health Care - Part 2
Lecture:Laboratory, Pathology, Radiology, and Ancillary Services
Slide content:Radiology Services - 2 First X-ray Wilhelm Rntgen in 1895 Wilhelms wifes hand Termed diagnostic radiology when they help diagnose diseases 8 1.1 Image: (R ntgen, 1895)
Slide notes:One method used in diagnostic radiology is the x-ray. The first x-ray was taken by Wilhelm Rntgen in 1895 and was a picture of his wifes hand, which is reproduced on this slide. Radiology services are termed diagnostic radiology when the tests help clinicians diagnose diseases. 8