Institute: ONC | Component: 1 | Unit: 2 | Lecture: c | Slide: 19
Institute:Office of National Coordinator (ONC) Workforce Training Curriculum
Component:Introduction to Health Care and Public Health in the U.S.
Unit:Delivering Health Care - Part 1
Lecture:Structure and Function of Health Care Facilities and Hospital Units
Slide content:Other Hospital Personnel - 1 Surgeons Perform operations Special types Orthopedic surgery Plastic surgery Anesthesiologists Monitor patients in the OR Treat pain In the ICU During childbirth 19
Slide notes:Hospitals employ many types of personnel. In the OR, of course, there are both surgeons and anesthesiologists. Surgeons perform operations, and many specialize in certain fields, such as orthopedic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, or plastic surgery. Anesthesiologists care for patients during surgery by monitoring their body functions while they are unconscious. They also treat pain outside the OR, such as in the ICU, during childbirth, and in medical conditions associated with chronic pain. 19